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Jeux ennuyant

Crashing !

Game is crashing when I login with fb (Iphone 5s, IOS 9.3.4) FIX THIS!!!!!

Meine Wünsche

Please make a Map! Please make a Present for the First one! My favourite is one man standing! Make it please please please.

Love it always as is LOL



This game is fun, but I find it is VERY glitchy and extremely hard to play. I also find every single server Im surrounded by big people. On, its not like that. If you could fix those two things the game would be great.


Its pretty good. hi people a little lots adds but the adds let you play them games good

Great but...

This game is definitely already a 5 star app. However, it could be a lot better if it was more like the computer version. Like TDM for example :) And could u also make a non wifi version? Just like slither has? Would appreciate it LOTS.

Try harder

Map is so small good luck without using coins to get an advantage

Good game...

Really unfair.... Everyone teams, but when I do get number 1, I CRASH!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS.

Quite from game

When i connect the game to my Facebook it quite the game . I made many accounts but it doesnt fixed

Boredom crushing

Its perfect game for when you are bored it is fun and keeps you on your toes ! It is also fun when you are not bored ! Love this game ! However it is a bit glitchy!


Terrible lag and the worst game ever

Wayy to laggy

Its fun but not too fun because its way to laggy, and to many people :/ its not that worth it to get and it wastes your time :/

It doesnt let me play!!

This is on my phone That is brand new and 64 gb and all my other apps work perfectly. I expected better

Not fair at all

U cant get big is to hard thats what she said

This game stinks

There is nothing else to say it just stinks

Game freezes up and closes

When ever I get a leaderboard spot the game freezes up and closes. Plz fix super annoying.

Great but....

When ever Im on the leader board in 1 to 5 the game just crashes please fix, it happen 3 times yesterday and 2 times today,please please fix


lOl So much teamer dude rush mode do no work whf. Plus when i spawn teamers kill me the computer version is better. ;-;

One disappointment

It doesnt let me open my skins but everything else is good the idea is unique and I will always still use it.But Im very disappointed in the skins.

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